Bird Seed Ornaments

Updated: Mar 29

Bird Seed Ornaments

Here is a great recipe from Infarrantly Creative that was super easy to whip up and the results were fantastic!

You’ll need

4 cups of bird seed

1/2 cup of warm water

1 envelope of Knox gelatin

3/4 a cup of flour

bundt pan (we used a mini pan)

nonstick spray

3 tbl. light corn syrup

Combine the water and the gelatin, then whisk in the flour and corn syrup. Finish by mixing in the bird seed and pressing the mixture into a lightly greased pan.

Let dry for a few hours in the bundt pan, and then pop ’em out of the mold so they can dry out completely for the next 24 hours. Add a length of ribbon for hanging, and go outside to deliver your birdie treats!

Note: these do NOT hold up in the rain, so be sure to hang them somewhere covered or be prepared for them to end up as bird seed cake chunks on the ground after the next storm (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything) 🙂