Stained glass bunting.

Updated: Mar 29



Wax Paper

Cheese Grater



First grate your crayons on the cheese grater…

…and put the shavings into separate compartments of a divided container (this plastic one held ravioli at one time and was rescued from the recycle bin; a muffin tin or small bowls would work just as well).

Then Maia arranged crayon shavings on half of a folded over piece of wax paper. She folded the other half over the shavings, brought the “sandwich” to me, and I ironed it between two layers of paper (to keep the wax from getting everywhere).

This process was repeated at least a dozen times, with all kinds of colour combinations. Maia was very enthusiastic.

Once the wax melts are cool cut the other half into triangles for the stained glass bunting.

Sew the triangles together, but if you don’t have a sewing machine you could either use a hot glue gun and ribbon or you could fold a piece of masking tape along the top to create the bunting. Easy peasy.

We hung our new bunting in the living room window. It was lovely there.

But I really wanted to try it outside, so I soon moved it to the porch. It’s beautiful even when the sun isn’t hitting it.

But when the sun shines through the bunting, it’s glorious!

I love colour and light.

Love, love, love.

So now you know how to make a bunting stained glass. Pretty cool, eh?

Perhaps you need one of these on your porch or in your window?