Simple Exercises For Kids To Do At Home


This is a strength exercise for the stomach, works out the core, abs, and the back.

How to

  1. Rest the forearms on the ground.

  2. Keep the arms parallel to the body at a shoulder-width distance.

  3. Look at a spot on the floor to have the spine and neck neutralized.

  4. Keep the head in line with the back.

  5. Slightly lift the legs and the core a little upwards with the tip of the toes on the ground and hold it.

  6. The weight of the body will be distributed between the forearms and toes.

  7. Retain it for as long as it is comfortable.

Possible benefits

  • It eliminates back pain

  • Gives a toned belly

  • Improves posture and balance

  • Enhances muscle flexibility


Push-ups make for a complete chest exercise and an overall body workout.

How to

  1. Lie face-down on the floor. The weight of the body will be on the chest.

  2. The hands are to be palms-down on the floor.

  3. Raise the body using the arms, with weight supported by the hands and the balls of the feet.

  4. Go down by lowering the torso on the ground, as the elbows make a 90° angle.

  5. Keep the head facing ahead, and the body straight through the exercise.

  6. Breathe in as you move down and breathe out while rising.

  7. The push strength should come from the chest and the shoulders together.

  8. Repeat this lowering and lifting steadily, if you are comfortable.

Possible benefits

  • Good for the cardiovascular system

  • Prevents lower back injuries

  • Improves posture


This is an upper-body exercise that might help in improving agility. Crunches can be performed at an early age.

How to

  1. Lie flat on the floor with feet hip-width apart.

  2. Keep the knees bent.

  3. Interlace the hands behind the head, with the thumbs behind the ears.

  4. Tilt the chin slightly up.

  5. Start pulling the abdomen inwards gently.

  6. Curl up by lifting the neck, head, and shoulder blades off the ground.

  7. Hold the posture for a moment and lower the body to the ground, slowly.

Possible benefits

  • Builds the core strength

  • Increases the flexibility of the torso

  • Works out all the abdominal muscles


This is a one-leg bodyweight exercise with good leverage.

How to

  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart and keep the back straight.

  2. Look straight onto a wall, as that helps in balancing.

  3. Move the right leg forward and lean the body ahead — 70% of the bodyweight will now be on the front foot. Make sure that the upper body and the back are still straight.

  4. Lower the body until the right knee makes a 90° angle. Keep the back straight.

  5. The lower leg must be parallel to the ground, and the thighs perpendicular.

  6. Use the right foot to push upward and return to the 90° position.

  7. Repeat this forward lunge with the other leg.

Possible benefits

  • Strengthens the legs and hips

  • Great for the core strength

  • Improves flexibility

  • Enhances body symmetry

  • Good for spinal health