Celebrity pooch owners that look like their pets, dog shaming at its finest and cheeky canines we just can’t help but love! 10 reasons Australia will probably vote dog in The Great Pet Debate (the decision that's dividing the country)


Later this month the country will be voting in the federal election to elect the 45th Parliament of Australia.

But let's face it, that's not the issue that really matters this May. The bigger and more important question that needs answering… is Australia a CAT or DOG nation? 

To celebrate the release of the hotly-anticipated sequel, The Secret Life of Pets 2 (hitting cinemas June 20) is calling on you to join THE GREAT PET DEBATE which sees lead characters Max and Chloe appeal for your votes depending on whether you’re feline obsessed OR canine crazy. Because all pets deserve a fair go – with every vote, $1 will be donated to PetRescue.* Head over to the Daily Tail to vote now.  

Does my fur look big in this? Size eight woman shares hilarious snaps of her DOG wearing the party outfit she bought for Ibiza that was too tiny to squeeze into

A woman has hilariously hit back

at a retailer's miniscule size 8 outfit by getting her terrier to model it.

Callie Conway ordered the £30 lacy outfit for Ibiza from Depop, an online marketplace popular with teenagers where shoppers buy and sell clothes.

However, she soon discovered it was far too small to wear comfortably.

The dog pictures guaranteed to melt your heart! Proud owners show off their beloved pooches in a series of adorable social media snaps

Dogs can get up to all sorts of mischief - as all pet owners know. And now, 

Snapchat users have been sharing

cute pictures of their beloved pooches,

who managed to melt their hearts with

their sweet antics. The images, compiled by Bored Panda, include

one dog getting 'arrested' by the

police, while others are seen enjoying the snow. 

*T&C’s apply

Cat's just cheeky! Kitten tries frantically to catch oblivious dog's wagging tail through WINDOW in adorable footage

Adorable footage shows a cat desperately trying to catch an excitable dog's wagging tail - through a window. 

Cats have nine lives, so the saying goes. But some of these cats will be running out of lives fast thanks to their dimwitted antics. 

Using up ALL their nine lives! Hilarious snaps show cats caught in some VERY silly situations - and they'll definitely turn you into a dog person



Are these the cutest cat Snapchats

ever? these photos prove why moggies are the best furry friends

They say a dog is a man's best friend, but a collection of hilarious cat Snapchats shared with Bored Panda show they can give their canine counter parts a run for their money. 

Snaps posted by proud owners from around the world...

Good thing they have nine lives! Owners share hilarious snaps of their adventurous cats

These hilarious images show cats caught in some very uncomfortable positions when their adventures went awry.    

The snaps, taken by pet owners around the world, show the pets dangling from doors, squished in cushion cases and hanging from hangers after becoming stuck.

Moment ridiculously cute puppy discovers a lemon - and meets its new greatest foe

A cute puppy's day soured quickly after it got its first taste of a lemon. New York City pet owner recorded the moment when her curious eight-week-old puppy tried the sliced citrus fruit and — surprise! — it wasn't love at first lick. 



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*T&Cs: For each eligible unique vote by Australian residents between 6th May 07:00am – 18th May 12midnight, Universal Pictures will donate $1AUD to PetRescue Australia ( up to a maximum donation of $10,000AUD. Voting via or via an interactive Facebook polling ad unit (Facebook/secretlifeofpetsau). There is no cost to vote and no purchase is necessary.