Adapted from the 2011 action thriller of the same name, Hanna is an original series that follows a sixteen-year old girl (Esme Creed-Miles) raised in isolation in the remote woods of Poland by her father, an ex-CIA operative (Joel Kinnaman, The Killing, Altered Carbon), who is training her to be the “perfect assassin”.


As Hanna grows older, she yearns to experience a life that is forbidden to her, but soon realizes there’s a reason that her father has kept her hidden from society. When Hanna’s location is discovered, Marissa (Mireille Enos, The Killing, The Catch), a CIA official, is dispatched to recover Hanna as she is the remnant of a secret biological experiment.


Now Hanna is on the run through Europe, all while she is grappling with the terrifying secrets of her identity and trying to understand what it means to be a “normal” teenager. While the series will follow the same principle storyline as the film, it will take Hanna to much more extreme places, physically and emotionally.


It has the visceral excitement of a genuine conspiracy thriller but also the humanity of a rites of passage drama.

As the series dives deeper into Hanna’s journey across Europe and her hidden past, it will provoke the question of, “Who is Hanna?” Season 1 will consist of 8 hour-long episodes and is categorized as a Secondary in the US.